Dog Day Care

The Oz Pet Minders in-home “Dog Day Care” alternative

While some dogs and cats cope well with doggie day care and dog boarding facilities, others do not and are turned away because they fail to pass a compatibility test.

If your pet doesn’t socialize well, has a medical condition or separation and anxiety issues, in-home pet care with Oz Pet Minders Petsitting service may be a good alternative. We also work with older pets that don’t adapt well to new environments and with dog breeds that are too small or too large for dog boarding.

With our in-home pet care, your pets:

  • Stay home in familiar surroundings
  • Get their usual exercise and lots of loving one-on-one attention
  • Receive their regular diet at the normal feeding times
  • Avoid exposure to sick or diseased animals
  • Eliminate the stressful experience associated with travel
  • Enjoy play time and toilet breaks on their normal schedules
  • Aren’t aggravated by the presence of strange animals and environments

Beware: Relying on friends, family or neighbours can be a COSTLY mistake !

For the very best Doggie Day Care alternative in the Pakenham and surrounding areas of Melbourne...

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