Ask about our ID Tags

All *Registered Oz Pet Minders Members get issued with an ID Tag (1 for each Cat or Dog) which your pet wears on their collar. This Tag has a Unique ID number that relates back to you in our Client Database with a record of all your details along with an additional alternative Emergency contact Name & Phone Number in circumstances when you cannot be contacted. ie During interstate or Overseas travel etc.

Our unique ID tags have the web site address & a 24 hour contact number printed on them, so if your pet goes missing while you are away from home we can collect & care for them until you return home. (Charges apply for lost dog pickups).

* A One-Off Registration fee of $25.00 per client gives you Lifetime peace of mind knowing that The Oz Pet Minders Pet Identification System assists us in looking out for your family member, 24 Hours a day - 7 Days a week - 365 Days a year.

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