Pet Guinea Pigs

So you have some guinea pigs and now you want to go on vacation. If bringing your Guinea Pig along isn't a realistic possibility, you will need to find a pet sitter. Many guinea pig owners just leave their precious pets with a neighbour, friend or relative. However, if possible you should leave your guinea pigs with a professional pet sitter who can take appropriate care of your little friend.

With very common pets such as dogs and cats, finding a pet sitter is easy. While guinea pigs are fairly common pets, it's less common to find a pet sitter that actually caters to their care needs. Even if your neighbour does have guinea pigs, that doesn't necessarily mean they actually know much about guinea pigs. It's good to know that your pets are in a trusted pet sitters capable hands.

Many people think that it's a good idea to have a pet sitter come to their house so that their pets do not have to change environments. A pet sitter can take note of any signs of illness when they are over if something has gone wrong. If a water bottle malfunctions they can rectify the situation. For these reasons, It's always best to organise a pet sitting service to care for your guinea pigs in your own home.

Oz Pet Minders will make sure your pet will be cared for and get all that they need. It's also important that you tell your OPM pet sitter how much your guinea pigs normally eat. We will make sure your Guinea Pigs have enough hay, pellets, and veggies. Our pet care professionals will also clean their cage so that you know your piggies are going to be kept in a nice clean environment. Oz Pet Minders pet carers will happily follow whatever rules you give them on cage cleaning and feeding.

Once you book the services of an Oz Pet Minders pet sitter, you'll be able to go on vacation without worrying about your guinea pigs the whole time. Simply enjoy yourself and have a stress-free vacation, while the guinea pigs have their own little vacation.

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