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Pet Registration Fee - Once Only$25

This is a One-off Non Refundable fee that also entitles you to a Lifetime Registration in our OPM Pet Identification Program. This Once Only charge will be itemised on your very first Booking invoice.

This is a one – off charge that is applied over & above the cost of your very first booking. Your One-off Lifetime OPM Registration fee includes a Free Unique Pet ID tag that enables OPM to quickly & easily identify any pet found to be at large & assist in the return of your pet safely back to you.

30 Minute "Pop-In" Service$24

This Service is provided as an Alternative to leaving your pet at a traditional boarding institution (Up to 1 Dog & 1 Cat – Please Refer to *Additional Charges Below for more than one dog & one cat per booking)

A standard Pop-in Booking includes a range of services that are able to be reasonably carried out by the OPM Carer within the 30 minute time frame allocated. If additional services are requested that cannot be safely & efficiently provided within the initial 30 Minute Pop-in visit, then an extra 30 minute Pop-in visit must be booked in order to complete the requested services.

Dog Walking Service - 30 Minute Walk$24

Individual Clients Dog Exercise Session. Strictly Only One Clients Dog/s at a time (Maximum of 2) - No Group Walking.

Regular Exercise is essential for your dog. This session is Not a Group Walk. Your Dog is provided with individual attention. Inclusive in this Service is a Dog Walk, Water & Food Bowl Top-up only. The 30 minute session begins upon the arrival of the OPM carer at your home. Additional time spent entering your premises, feeding/watering & any pre-walk preparation of your dog including fitting of a harness is included in the 30 minute time frame. Please refer to T & C's for more information.

Pet Transport - Hourly Charge$49

This is charged per hour of travel or part thereof.

Transportation of pets for relocation, veterinary treatment or pet grooming can be provided at your convenience.

No Pets? No Problem - Flat Fee$24

We also offer 30 Minute Home Pop-in Service calls for clients with no pets or with Small Animals that fall outside the normal Cat/Dog Criteria.

If you do not own a cat, dog or a larger animal such as a sheep, cow or horse we offer a pop-in care service for clients who own no animals at all or smaller animals that fall outside of the larger animal criteria.

The Smaller animal (or Critter) criteria includes reptiles, rabbits, ducks, birds, ferrets, domestic mice, guinea pigs and many more .

House & Pet Sitting Additional Charges

These surcharges are billed over & above the cost of the ordinary flat fee expenses associated with the standard services offered above, when the circumstances of a client differ from the standard flat fee service. ie – If you own Extra Pets, require a lost dog pickup, your pets food runs out or in the event that any of the other additional irregular occurrences listed below apply.

Extra Pets - Additional Dogs & Cats - $5.50
Flat Fee Per Day

Extra Pets - Additional Dogs & Cats - *We Do Not Charge Extra for other animals that fall outside of our Standard Dog & Cat (Or Larger Animal) Criteria.

This surcharge relates to circumstances whereby a client owns additional pets outside the standard 1 Cat & 1 Dog scenario.

The Standard 30 minute Pop-in Booking covers 2 animals that fall within the Dog/Cat Criteria. Any additional Dogs or Cats accrue a Flat fee charge per calendar day of $5.50 per extra pet.

The Additional (Extra Pets) surcharge also applies to any larger animals such as Cattle or Horses.

Assuming a Standard 30 Minute Booking has been confirmed & pet care is reasonably considered possible within the 30 minute booking time frame, no additional charges apply for the care of smaller animals such as reptiles, rabbits, ducks, birds, ferrets, domestic mice, guinea pigs and many more. Reptiles, Rabbits, Ducks, Birds, Ferrets, Rats/Mice, Gunea Pigs etc.

Lost Dog Pickups - Hourly Charge$49

This fee is calculated on an hourly or part thereof basis.
Please Note: If our office is unattended (Weekends, Public Holidays or outside normal working hours) there may be a delay in us being able to identify & return lost pets.

Shopping Surcharge $24

Surcharges will apply if an Oz Pet Minders Carer is required to purchase pet supplies on your behalf. In such instances, a shopping surcharge will be added to your booking.

This covers up to 30 minutes of your Carer's time and petrol in shopping on your behalf. In addition, you will be charged 33% on top of the value of the pet supplies purchase price. This additional 33% is in place to ensure Carers aren't negatively affected tax wise, nor income wise as a result of paying for your pet supplies.

To avoid having to pay this additional 33%, please leave cash out for your Carer (we recommend a minimum $5 be left for each Calendar day that you are away) should you think your pet supplies may run out during your booking.

Additional Time - Per 15 minute block$12

Circumstances beyond your control may arise that require additional time be spent caring for your pet. You can request a booking for extra time in 15 minute blocks where available.

Please Note: It may not always be possible to accommodate additional time bookings due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your OPM Carers Control.

Christmas Day & Easter Booking Surcharge$50
(Per Day)

There is a minimum booking charge of $50 (Excluding New Client Registration Fee if applicable). Full payment is required at the time of booking. A Christmas Day or Easter day booking surcharge applies to every visit falling on Christmas day & any Easter day except for regular clients holding an ongoing booking.

Standard Cancellation Fee$25

All bookings under $500 have a booking cancellation fee of $25. Bookings over $500 have a cancellation fee of 5%. Regular dog walking bookings incur a booking cancellation fee of $25, if cancelled before 7 walks have occurred. There is no cancellation fee for regular dog walking after the first 7 walks have occurred.

Christmas Day & Easter Cancellation Fee$50

Cancellations: A $50 cancellation fee applies to all Christmas Day & Easter bookings cancelled on or before the commencement of the Easter period or 24th December.

Extra Visit $24

Due to circumstances beyond the client & or OPM’s Control it may be necessary to book an additional 30 Minute Pop-in visit in order to provide & maintain complete care of your cherished pet.

Home Lock-Out Service - Flat Fee Per Call Out
Business Hours – 9:00am to 5:00pm$50
After Hours – 5:00pm to 9:00am$75

At OPM we offer a Home Lock-out Service. Upon Request, We maintain a “Key Bank” where clients keys are stored in a safe & secure location for speedy retrieval in the event that unexpected circumstances arise whereby you are locked out of your home. This service is significantly cheaper than calling a locksmith & gives you total peace of mind.
Please Note: It may be necessary due to circumstances beyond OPM’s Control for you to employ a locksmith at your expense, to successfully gain access to your property due to key or lock failure, or any other event that prevents OPM from effectively gaining access to your Home. The additional cost of employing a Locksmith service would be borne by you (The Client), over and above the OPM flat rate call-out fee.

Travel Surcharge - Flat fee per Km$1.50

May apply to bookings accepted outside a carer’s area, when agreed to by the client. A flat fee of $1.50 per kilometre travelled (No charge for Carers actual travelling time). This charge will be calculated on the total return distance travelled.

*Additional Services Available Upon Request.

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