Lonely Pets

Pets Get Lonely Too!

Pet care includes a wide range of aspects such as nutrition, health care, mental wellbeing, providing stimulating toys and anything needed to keep an animal safe and content.

Retirees and families with a stay-at-home parent have no problems providing companionship for their domestic pets. With all the activity in the house the pets certainly do not get lonely. But what happens if everyone is gone during the day, which happens frequently when pet owners have to work for a living and the children are at school ?

Dogs and cats, guinea pigs, reptiles and rabbits get used to having their human companions nearby and when they are suddenly gone the animals get lonely and can even get sick. In some cases they may get angry, lash out and destroy valuable property around the home. Young animals particularly need the affections of their masters or an alternative human companion.

They have to learn that there is a structure to be followed and, generally, they will develop a sense of when they will be fed & walked etc.

Feeling guilty about leaving their pets alone, some homeowners, will turn on the TV or radio, or crate their dog with several favorite toys. Sorry to say, but that may still not be enough to cure a pet’s loneliness or boredom while the owners are gone. In that case, hiring a pet sitter may be a better and more acceptable solution, and a small price to pay for the mental welfare & well being of a devoted companion. It will also give you peace of mind to know your pet is having a good time while receiving trusted professional care.

By hiring a trained Oz Pet Minders sitter, your pet(s) can remain comfortable in their familiar home environment and you will only pay one sitter fee per visit. If you have several pets, a flat fee is charged for any additional pets over and above the standard one dog & one cat scenario. Please refer to "House & Pet Sitting Additional Charges" on our RATES page.

Some animal caregivers may recommend you get a playmate to cure your pet’s solitude and the guilt you feel for leaving him or her alone while you are out. Unfortunately, that solution does not protect your furniture and other belongings from what your furry friends may do to it while you are out, and all you are doing is substituting one problem for another.

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