Pet Minding

At Oz Pet Minders we primarily offer Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services. Nothing pleases us more than providing a service that helps your pet stay happier and healthier. The first step is to keep your pet out of a boarding institution. Your pets will still miss you when you go away, but can now stay in the comfort of their own home. Pet Sitting does not subject your pets to diseases such as Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough. Besides TLC, our Pet Sitting service provides many other ammenities which will help you better enjoy your time away from home.

Oz Pet Minders services can also include extended care for your pet while you are away. With Oz Pet Minders dog walking and pet sitting service you have peace of mind with the knowledge that you can leave your pet in the familiar environment of their own home territory as a viable & trusted alternative to a kennel or cattery, and yet rest assured they are still getting the love and affection they need.

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